The History of Pelle Pelle

Where the streets and fashion become one.

Marc Buchanan is the founder and designer of Pelle Pelle. From it's inception in Detroit in 1978, Pelle Pelle centered around incredibly detailed borderline outrageous leathers, combining unconventional colours and over-the-top accents. ”Every jacket is like a piece of art”, explains Buchanan. “Our stuff is not for the faint of heart.”

Buchanan's unique leather creations quickly earned the affection of the young style conscious urban customer, a yet undiscovered market for much of the mainstream apparel industry. ”The urban customer provided a lot of excitement in the marketplace”, says Buchanan.

“Pelle Pelle and other young urban brands”, he continues, ”addressed a marketplace that had never been addressed before.” In fact the leathers became so well recognized that, in the early 90's, Buchanan expanded the label into sportswear becoming one of the 21st century's leading young men's lifestyle brands.

Solidifying the vision of Buchanan for Pelle Pelle, he was the first one to introduce a designed baggy pant into the fashion market which was a bold move at the time.

Today Pelle Pelle designs a big collection, containing everything from sublime denims, woven pants, knitwear, intricate outerwear to headwear and accessories, providing a wide range of up-to-date styles catering to customers new and old.

The brand still aims to make high quality goods for urban-minded, fashion conscious men, with all efforts and focus on providing outstanding design as well as distinguished quality.

For us, Pelle Pelle is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle which has always drawn its inspiration from the many facets of urban culture and the deep admiration we all feel for it. Mixed with the style influences of our hometown of Copenhagen we keep providing our own approach of street fashion.

Our deeply rooted connection to the culture becomes clearly visible in our marketing and the events we support. From concerts and festivals to rap cyphers, breakdance and graffiti battles to basketball and soccer tournaments, Pelle Pelle is showing its support.

Some call it urban, some call it Hip Hop, we call it our life.